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New SHAZAM Chip Cards

Important information About your New Chip Card

Your new card is equipped with EMV technology. There's a chip on the front and a magnetic stripe on the back. The magnetic stripe allows you to continue using it at stores without chip-enabled terminals. The chip on your new card stores account information more securely, and the technology itself can provide a reduction in card-present fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost or stolen cards.

How Your New Chip Card Will Work

You'll either insert your chip card into the store's terminal or swipe the magnetic stripe.

If prompted to insert your chip card, look for a slot on the bottom-front of the terminal and insert your card face up, chip first. Leave your card in the terminal until your transaction is complete.

The terminal will prompt you to either enter a PIN or sign to validate your identity - don't forget to take your card when prompted.

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